Timely Persuasion - Online Edition - Donations



After announcing the arrival of Timely Persuasion to my email address book, a few people responded and asked if they could pay me something for the online version.  Maybe they really loved it, maybe they dig the whole Radiohead “name your price” promo, maybe they’re great friends who know how hard I’ve worked on this, or maybe it’s a little bit of all those reasons.

I decided to set up a Paypal button to accept donations if anyone was offering, but my guilty conscience (future self?) made me put up this disclaimer first.

Seriously, don’t worry about it.  If you chose the free route I’d rather you tell a friend about the book than give me a dollar.  I probably already made some money off of the ads anyways.  Free means free, and that’s why it’s here.  Keep your money, or donate it to 826LA or another worthy cause.

But if you still insist, I’m not going to turn you down.  As Mike Doughty said on the old Skittish solo tours “The money goes straight into my gas tank.”  Use the button below, but reread the above and think about it one more time before proceeding.